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What is cdl training?

...it's not just license - it is a way to take your life to the next level...

  A & B CDL Training School is a Commercial Driver License (CDL) Training Program facility in Houston, Texas. We are here to help guide you through the process of obtaining your class A Commercial Driver License.

         CDL training is a specialized course for those who want to drive commercial trucks. Our program is intended to help drivers learn the practical skills and curriculum needed to obtain their CDL license in order to work as a commercial truck driver.


Use this link below to get to Commercial Driver Handbook: https://www.dps.texas.gov/internetforms/Forms/DL-7C.pdf 

Our training course includes a self-study portion consisting of: Laws and Rules of the road, what is required to be a driver, information 

        about requirements in each state, and much more. You must successfully pass the written exam at DPS office to receive a commercial driving permit. 

This permit allows you to drive large commercial trucks. Following behind-the-wheel training and passing a driving test you will be able 

to receive your license.

Skills Learned in Training



  • Your choice of automatic or manual vehicles
  • Road rules, signs, and regulation
  • Ability to maneuver a larger capacity and weight load 
  • Learning proper signals on the road 
  • Ability to work with the different signals in the trucks you are driving
  • Map reading and trip planning logs
  • Managing log books for hours driven, deliveries made, and hours per fleet
  • Turning, backing up, and other necessary maneuvers with a commercial-sized truck 
  • Coupling and uncoupling a trailer 
  • Shifting, road driving, and pre and post trip inspections
  • ...and much more.    

Be cautious of so-called “free” online CDL programs.

     There is  no two schools are going to take the same  

approach to training. 

Don't waste your time! 

A & B CDL Training School offers instructors who are licensed, insured, and have been in the industry for decades. 


Before you attend school or earn your CDL, you'll need to 

meet several basic physical and legal qualifications:

  • In most states, you must be at least 21 years old. You must also be legally eligible to work within the country and within the state.
  • You'll need to have a clean driving record. Schools and employers may overlook minor traffic violations, like parking tickets, but you probably won't qualify if you've been busted for reckless driving or if you've been convicted for DUI. 
  • Many schools also want you to have a diploma or GED before applying, and some truck driving companies won't hire you without one.
  •  Knowledge tests are only available in English and Spanish. Applicants must be able to understand road signs written in English to pass the test(s). 
  •     The CDL skills test is for testing you on basic vehicle control, driving and vehicle handling on the road and vehicle inspections. Once you obtain your TEXAS CDL License, it is good anywhere in the United States.  If you obtain your TEXAS CDL, be careful when driving, especially if you've taken medication or have been drinking alcoholic beverages. If you are busted with DUI, then you run the risk of losing your TEXAS CDL License. You cannot apply for another CDL license in another state after having your TEXAS CDL License revoked or suspended.  


 Drivers who operate special types of CMVs also need to pass     additional tests to obtain any of the following endorsements 

on their CDL:

  • T - Double/Triple Trailers (Knowledge test only)
  • P - Passenger (Knowledge and Skills Tests)
  • N - Tank Vehicle (Knowledge Test only)
  • H - Hazardous Materials (Knowledge Test and TSA Threat Assessment)
  • X - Combination of Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials
  • S - School Bus (Knowledge and Skills Tests)

  •  For persons applying for a hazardous materials endorsement, require compliance with the standards for such endorsement specified in Transportation Security Administration requirements, and provide proof of citizenship or immigration status. A lawful permanent resident of the United States requesting a hazardous materials endorsement must additionally provide his or her Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) Alien registration number.


Cost & Length of Training


  • The requirements for training are set and mandated by each state.
  • Remember, that  an accredited school is going to cost more than simply  a Training School. In most cases, you can expect to spend anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $10,000 in order to obtain your CDL  training and license.



  • Package 1: Class A  - 8 hours Box Truck or Truck and Trailer - $1200 + Truck use for Road Test (2 times)
  • Package 2: Class A - 6 hours Box Truck or Truck and Trailer - $1000 + Truck use for Road Test (2 times)
  • Hourly rate for out of package coaching - $150 p/h


                        For all courses $200 deposit (not refundable) required at

       the registration and the rest of the money must be paid before you schedule in vehicle training. 

  •        Our course includes not only self-study and behind-the-wheel instruction, but also, personal coaching and receiving the proper guidance in order to pass the written and driving portions of the exam in order to attain your license.


  • training included FREE set of DVD’s (practice tests)
  • behind the wheel training (up to 8 or 6 hours depending on package and your skills and adaptation. ) 
  • pre and post trip inspections
  • air brakes 
  • parallel parking (right & left ) 
  • off set backing (right & Left ) 
  • regular trait back  
  • shift and downshift 
  • we also provide assistance with scheduling your road test with the Department of Public Safety (DPS)  
  • we will provide practices in which we will review the necessary steps that would be needed the day of the exam
  • we provide the truck rental for the day of your test (2 times). If you  fail the first time we will provide a truck for one more attempts at no additional charge. 
  • After that every additional appointment - $500

  • If you're looking for a job after completion of the training and certification we might provide employment referrals to our partnering trucking companies. 


  • When an individual applies for a CDL, or attempts to renew or update his or her CDL, the State must perform a check of its own database, the C D L Information System (CDLIS), and the National Driver Register (NDR), to ensure the driver is not disqualified and does not possess a license from more than one jurisdiction. If the driver possesses a license from another jurisdiction, the State must require the driver applicant to surrender his/her driver's license issued by that State before issuing a new license. The State must request the complete driving record of the applicant from all jurisdictions where the driver was previously licensed in the past 10 years. If a State determines, in its check of record prior to issuing a CDL, or at any time after the CDL is issued, that the applicant has falsified information, the State shall at a minimum suspend, cancel, or revoke the person’s CDL or his/her pending application, or disqualify the person from operating a CMVs for a period of at least 60 consecutive days.  

Medical requirements for CDL?

 A CDL, or commercial driver's license, has stricter medical requirements than a standard driver's license, such as the absence of high blood pressure or uncontrolled diabetes. Medical requirements vary by state. A CDL allows a driver to operate larger vehicles that are more difficult to control, such as tractor trailers. 

For example, a CDL applicant must have 20/40 vision in both eyes independently and combined, as well as the ability to distinguish color. This is because CDL owners require enough visual acuity to read road signs and traffic lights. Blood pressure cannot be above 160/100, and there cannot be any recent history of epileptic seizures or other disorders that jeopardize the driver's ability to control the vehicle. Diabetes, if present, needs to be controlled with medicine or dietary restrictions. If an applicant has a history of cardiac problems, a doctor has to endorse his or her ability to drive safely, and the applicant has to take a stress test. 

                          CDL PHYSICAL :  

Before applying for a CDL, the driver has to take a physical exam at a predetermined location to qualify. This exam is repeated at regular intervals, and may be administered earlier if medical issues arise that could cause problems. 

Follow the link to find right physical examiner:


We also will provide referral for your medical exam with guaranteed best rate on the market.

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